Are Parabens in cosmetic contributing to Infertility in Males? Dermatocare’s ingredients guide

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

The incidence of male infertility has increased recently, besides numerous other contributory factors; Parabens have been implicated to be the cause. Parabens are most common preservatives present in cosmetics, toothpaste, foods and even drugs. Here are the studies that indicate Parabens have adverse effects on sperms leading to infertility in males:


  • In a recent study, authors concluded that Parabens might be contributing the decrease in reproductive potentials of males. Here is the abstract from the study "In developed countries about 15% of human couples are affected by infertility, almost half of these cases attributed to men, through low sperm motility or/and sperm count. The present review discusses evidence that parabens may not be as safe as initially thought, and suggests that the interaction between parabens and mitochondrial function in the testis may be key in explaining the contribution of parabens for a decrease in reproductive potential”.
  • In a study published in 2007, 26 healthy young males were subjected to two weeks of full body application of cream with Parabens and Phalates. At the end of two weeks, both ingredients were detectable in the blood. Also, minor differences in thyroid and reproductive hormones were observed between the two weeks, but these were not related to exposure according the author of study.
  • In another study from China, Parabens were shown to damage the late stages of spermatogenesis, altered proportion of pups born alive, and body weight of offspring in an animal model.

In view of such evidences, it is advisable to avoid the avoidable sources of Parabens. To know more, read: How to go Green with Paraben free products?


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