Are natural skin care products better than synthetic ones- know from dermatologist

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Did you know that both natural and synthetic skincare products have synthetic ingredients that function as base, preservative, colour, fragrances, etc. On an average, we apply hundreds of ingredients on face daily, and believe me, out of those 100, only 10 are beneficial, and rest are mere preservatives, fragrances, base, etc. in both synthetic and natural skin care products. Thus, the question "Are natural skin care products better than synthetic ones" is worth a debate. Let us find out the answer!


Natural skin care products bring with them the benefits of using a plant while synthetic one have a benefit of using the active principal of that plant. Synthetic skin care products have scientific research to back up while natural skin care products have testimonies to vouch for their success. Both carry a disadvantage of being loaded with synthetic ingredients as base, fragrance or preservatives. However, the good news is that certain natural skincare products do not have any synthetic ingredients.

So, what is the conclusion?

If you really want all the natural ingredients for your skin, then that does not come easy. You have to look for all-natural truly organic skincare products. But, how can I know that organic skincare products are free from any synthetic ingredients?  You can visit the Dermatocare Product page, where I have reviewed skincare products based on the analysis of ingredients list. Or else, you can prepare the natural skin care products at home using our Home Remedies page as a guide.

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