Which skin care routine should I follow- know from dermatologist

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

"Doctor, how often should I use a face wash? Which is the best moisturiser? Should I use serum, cream or lotion? Is scrubbing important? Which face pack will help in clearing my skin?"

Well, please watch this video to know which skincare regime you should follow:


Regardless of your skin type or concern, you should follow this five steps skin care routine as detailed below:

  • 3 daily steps include CTM-cleansing, toning and moisturising. 

  • 2 weekly step include scrubbing followed by face pack.



The purpose of face wash is cleaning dirt, pollutants, oils and dead skin cells from your skin. To achieve this, face wash contains a surfactant that acts by solubilizing oils; but these surfactants might remove natural moisturising factors from your skin as well. In general, a face wash that produces less foam is better because it either contains less amount of surfactants or skin friendly surfactants. Face wash that is creamy in consistency is preferred for dry skin because of the additional moisturiser content while transparent liquid face washes are formulated for oily skin. Bar soaps should be avoided on the face, as their alkaline pH does not match acidic pH of the skin. For more details read, Face wash-how to choose?


Well, toning is NOT an absolute must, but over the period of time, I have realised that it can fit into all skin types by removing excess oils in the greasy skin and by providing moisturiser in dry skin. Guess what this can be achieved by super-easy recipes? Click on the following link to see the recipe:


You should use:

  • Sunscreen in morning: Sun exposure leads to dark spots and patches on pigmented skin, redness of face in sensitive skin, oil secretion in oily skin, dryness in dry skin and wrinkles in all skin types. Thus, sunscreens should be a routine; SPF of 15 is enough indoors while SPF of at least 30 is required once you step out.  For more details read, Sunscreen-FAQs!
  • Night cream at night: The night is an ideal time to replenish moisturising factors and to put potent skin-lightening/anti-acne/anti-wrinkle ingredients. These ingredients get de-natured with sun exposure, so should be applied at night.  Pigmented skin type should look for skin lightening ingredients in their night creams while sensitive skin types need anti-inflammatory ingredients. Prefer night creams that are packed in an opaque and airtight container rather than an open jar because most of the potent anti-ageing and skin lightening ingredients get deactivated in contact with air and water. If you have no major skin concerns, anti-wrinkle ingredients should be looked for in your night cream. Retinoic acid is the most effective anti-ageing ingredient that does wonders for oily skin types because it not only retards fine lines but also reduces oil secretions. On the other hand, dry skin types can try Peptides, Vitamin C or Hyaluronic based anti-ageing products.  For details read, Night cream-how to choose?

WEEKLY STEPS: Sundays is a day when you relax and can spare few minutes for two-step home facials; gentle scrubbing followed by a face pack.


With increasing age, the cell cycle shortens, and dead cells are retained on the surface of skin giving a dull and patchy look. Exfoliation removes these dead cells to give an even-toned look. This can be achieved by scrubbing that removes dead outermost layer physically or by chemical peels done by a Dermatologist. For more details, read our blog: Exfoliate- your dead skin away! 


Face packs are helpful because a larger amount of ingredients remain in contact for a longer time with your skin.  Also, a temporary firming effect is desirable. Buying the right kind of face pack that will suit your skin is critical. For example, you need moisturising face pack for dry skin while mud-based drying face packs are apt for oily skin. For details read our blog: Face pack-Which one, when and How?

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