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Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Teens is the time when you gets conscious about your looks, spending hours gazing at the mirror; however all you can see is your biggest enemy “blackheads and pimples”. Did you know the acne diet, right skin care products and home remedies can help you gain back acne-free skin?

"Doctor, blackheads and pimples have ruined my skin, why do they occur in teens?”

This secret mantra has been revealed in the book, Acnefied- the war against acne begins here! Let us back to the answer for “what causes these blackheads and pimples in teens?” 

What causes blackheads and pimples in teens?

Adolescence is the time of transformation from childhood to adulthood powered by a surge in certain hormones called androgens. Oil secretion from sebaceous or oil glands increases under the hormonal surge, followed by a blockage of their opening. The openings of oil glands get blocked by cellular debris leading to black and white heads, termed as comedones.

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Propionibacterium acnes is a bacteria that usually live in oil glands and survives on sebum and cellular debris. This bacteria overgrows when oil secretions are increased in comedones leading to inflammation. Inflammatory mediators try to fight against the increased amount of bacteria, and this battle appears like red and pus filled pimples to you. And when this battle between your body defence mechanism and bacteria continues unchecked, small red pimples might even grow into big nodules or cyst. This usually happens because of improper skin care regime, genetic factors, or hormonal push and many other causes.

How does acne presents in teens? 

Acne can be present as white or blackheads, red bump with or without pus and in severe cases as large and deep bumps called nodules. A pimple can occur on your neck, chest, back and shoulders besides your face. Though pimples are usually asymptomatic, they may itch when they erupt, and red and pus-filled pimples can be painful. If not treated well in time, larger pimples can heal with black marks and sometimes scars which tend to stay throughout your life.  Adolescent acne is more common in girls than boys, but they are more severe in the latter. Acne is no more limited to teens; the incidence is increasing in later age because of changing lifestyle and the higher incidence of hormonal problems. To know more about adult acne read the article - Pimples beyond teens!


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