Scientific proof for diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein reduces acne-Dermatocare’s lifestyle fitness tips

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

There has been a controversy regarding the role of diet in acne. However, this study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves the role of diet in acne.

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Details of study:

In this study, 44 males with mild to moderate acne were instructed to substitute high-GI foods with foods higher in protein (e.g.,, lean meat, poultry, or fish) or with foods with a lower GI (e.g. whole-grain bread, pasta, and fruit). The recommended diet consisted of 25% of energy from protein, 45% from low-Glycemic Index carbohydrates, and 30% energy from fats. The control group with acne was encouraged to take regular carbohydrate-rich diet.

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At the end of 12 weeks, there was a significant decrease in the overall count of pimples, a decrease in weight, a decrease in BMI and improvement in Insulin sensitivity in subjects taking low Glycemic index and high protein diet. The authors of this study proposed that this is the first ever evidence to prove the role of diet with low Glycemic index and high protein intake in reducing acne. They also concluded that diet might be the main reason of increased prevalence acne in Western countries.

The science behind the role of diet and acne is as follows:

The frequent consumption of high-GI carbohydrates may repeatedly expose adolescents to acute hyperinsulinemia. Hyperinsulinemia has been implicated in acne pathophysiology because of its association with increased androgen bioavailability and free concentrations of insulin-like growth factor.

Final note from Dermatocare:

Diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein during adolescence not only decreases pimples but also helps in weight control. This is yet another proof for the role of healthy lifestyle in radiant, flawless and glowing skin; and the emphasis on healthy lifestyle should be laid down by parent’s right from the childhood.


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