How to get rid of facial hair-know from dermatologist (Dermatocare's beauty tips)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 19/09/18

 “Doctor, I am fed up of getting my eyebrows, and upper lip. Are there any painless solutions? I have so many unwanted facial hairs; I feel embarrassed?" Whether you are looking for alternatives for eyebrow shaping, few unwanted facial hair or a beard like growth, the solution is NOT the same. This article will help you know ‘how to get rid of facial hair’; let us consider the problem statement and best hair removal method for the same one by one.

I am fed up of getting my eyebrows and upper lip done, are there any painless solutions?

The only painless solution is hair removal creams meant especially for the face; unlike those for our body, they have less irritation potential. Since they remove hair at the level of your skin, so they might need more frequent applications, besides they are expensive. They are available online on and A few suggestions, though not painless are: 

  • To increase the gap between threading, use a tweezers to remove extra hair on your eyebrows.
  • Try home solutions for reducing hair growth. Mix chickpea flour (besan), turmeric, honey, few drops of lemon, and add rose water to make a smooth mixture. Use it as face pack and once dry scrub it off gently. Try this weekly; do let us know if this helps. Note: Those with dry skin might need an extra dose of moisturizer after this mask, because chickpea flour is drying.
  • Few prefer waxing to threading; as the hairs are gone in one go if done properly and removal of hair from root might be more efficient.

I am noticing little extra hair on my chin, should I take LASER now?

Your best bet is threading, facial epilators or tweezers, to remove these extra hairs at home; it can be easily combined with usual hair removal session for eyebrows and upper lip. We recommend dermatologist consultation if you are getting those extra hairs before the fifth decade of life;  find the cause behind getting them. LASER hair removal at this stage is an option, but there is chance of paradoxical increase in growth of hair especially with IPL and Alexandrite LASERS. Another permanent method that works wonder is Electrolysis done by dermatologist; it can remove these hairs permanently, but you will need repeated sittings for new unwanted hair though. In fact, Electrolysis is method of choice to remove white facial hair, where LASERS don’t work.

My facial hairs are growing longer, but they are still thin; what is the best solution? 

Bleaching might provide a camouflage, but facial hair removal creams can offer you more clean and smooth appearance. While threading might not efficiently remove such thin hair, repeated attempts of waxing thin hair might lead to redness and irritation. If you think LASERS are at rescue at this stage, the answer is “NO”. They only work on thick dark hair efficiently.   

My facial hair is getting thicker and coarser, it appear I will get a beard, will LASER help me? 

Yes, LASERS is an ideal choice for these types of cases, where the unwanted hairs are so thick that they feel similar to your eyebrows and the growth is dense enough so that bleach does not provide the needed camouflage. While threading and waxing might be temporary solution, but with repeated attempts there is a chance of thickening and discoloration of skin. Your dermatologist will order your hormonal profile to find the cause behind unwanted hair. The number of sittings needed depends on density of hair growth, your skin colour; underlying cause, type of LASER used.

We hope this article will help you take intelligent decision, when it comes to opting for the right method of getting rid of your facial hair.


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