Should I stop drinking milk to resolve acne breakout? (Dermatocare’s lifestyle fitness tips)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

“Doctor, Should I stop drinking milk to resolve acne breakout?” Food with high Glycemic Index (GI) cause acne with the exception of milk, which has low Glycemic Index yet causes acne; this is observed more so with ingestion of low-fat milk, that too with more than 2 serving a day. 

Should I stop drinking milk to resolve acne breakout?

Various studies differ on the amount of milk and causation of pimples, but mostly this association is seen with more than 2-3 serving a day. Thus, we recommend you to continue intake of at least single glass of milk daily to support the growth of bones during adolescence.

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What kind of dairy product should I avoid?

Most studies have shown association with low-fat milk rather than unprocessed milk. So, prefer fresh milk to processed skim milk. Avoid eating milk ice creams and milk desserts when you are breaking out. Chocolate can also increase pimples, so we recommend you to avoid chocolate milk and milk chocolates as well. 

Are hormones injected into cows or diet of cow responsible for increasing pimples? Would substituting organic milk be helpful?

No, the original composition of cow's milk itself is responsible for triggering pimples; thus substituting for organic milk might not be helpful.

Can I substitute curd or yoghurt instead of milk?

There are no studies that either refute or support the role of curd in acne, but being a dairy product it might increase pimples as well.

How milk causes acne?

Milk triggers acne breakouts by increasing the levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor and other androgen hormones in our blood. Low-fat milk as compared to fresh milk has a higher level of these bioactive molecules further increasing the risk of pimples.

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