8 reasons to use Home-made skin care solutions-Dermatocare’s natural beauty tips

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 23/09/17

Here are 8 reasons that answer your question, ”Why you should make your own homemade skin care products when natural skin care products are available in the market?"



  • Natural skincare products are not chemical free: Firstly, it is biggest myth that natural skin care products are chemical free. The reality is that natural ingredients are suspended in boatload on synthetic ingredients in natural skin care products similar to synthetic skin care products. For more details read: Are Natural Skin Care Products Better Than Synthetic Ones- Know From Dermatologist. Yes! There are few organic skin care products that are chemical free or have fewer chemicals and we will be providing you with the list soon. Stay tuned!

  • Cancer and Disease prevention: Many chemicals or ingredients used in skin care product are harmful to the extent that there are chances of getting cancer, infertility or early puberty. Read our complete list of toxic ingredients, by Toxic Safe Ingredients.

  • Food chain preservation: Many ingredients used in our skin care product end up through drain pipes of our bathrooms into soil or water ending up in our food chain. As if exposure from pesticides or insecticides was not enough, now you might be actually eating trace amount of these dangerous ingredients in your skin care products. Who knows if this might be the very cause of expected end of mother Earth as shown in movie, “Interstellar”

  • Save aquatic life: These ingredients finally end up in water reservoirs leading to extinction of aquatic life. So, inadvertently you might be contributing to disturbance of the delicate balance of nature.

  • Easy to use DIY by Dermatocare: Why put chemicals on face when you can spend few minutes to prepare your own skin care product at home. Isn't this much easier than cooking food three times a day? Check out the easy DIY recipe by clicking Home Remedies.

  • Fresh and more effective: These products are made fresh from all natural ingredients so they will definitely have better effect on your skin in the long term. I can vouch upon this fact after using them myself for more than a year.

  • Customize and innovate: You can experiment by varying the concentration to suit your needs and also add more exotic herbs if available.

  • Affordable: The cost of the skin care product made at home is very less. The supply of ingredient bought once might last an year.

Now if you are convinced on making skin care product at home, remember you might feel little messy or lazy in the beginning, but once you have done it 3-5 times you will love it!

So, do not give up. Remember the efforts are not only adding years to your health but also saving Mother Nature. Let us do our bit to save Mother Earth.

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