7 Causes Of Diffuse Hair Loss- Know from Dermatologist (Dermatocare)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 19/09/18

Your hair requires constant supply of nutrition, hormonal push and a healthy environment to grow normally, when these factors are compromised hair start falling. As a dermatologist, we highly recommend to find and address the cause behind getting diffuse hair fall, I have highlighted the 7 common causes of diffuse hair loss in this article. So, read on!

1. Acute Physical stress:

Any kind of physical or mental stress to the body that mandates you to take bed rest for few days can result in hair loss. For example high grade fevers (typhoid, malaria etc.), major surgery, severe trauma, bereavement etc.

2. Chronic physical stress:

Any chronic debilitating disease can compromise nutrition of your hair and hence result in hair loss; for example cancers, chronic kidney or liver diseases, tuberculosis.

3. Hormonal factors:

Hormones are important in maintaining hair cycle; thus hypo/hyperthyroidism, polycystic ovarian diseases (PCOD); discontinuation of oral contraceptive pills, delivery can cause hair loss. If you noticed change in your menstrual cycles, weight gain, pimples or thick dark hair on face along with hair fall, hormonal cause should be ruled out. Diffuse hair loss in mother and baby is common 3-6 months post-delivery and it usually stops in a few months.

4. Dietary deficiencies:

Any forced or voluntary compromise with diet especially proteins, vitamins like biotin, minerals like iron and zinc etc. can cause hair loss. Hence, hair loss is common in those who opt for crash dieting or who have loss of appetite due to disease or those who do not take a balanced wholesome diet, the latter is pretty common with increasing popularity of fast food.

5. Medications:

Drugs that are used for high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, psychiatric diseases, hormonal imbalance can cause hair fall. If you are on treatment for any chronic disorder, please check with your doctor for the possibility of medicine causing your hair fall.

6. Chronic and undue stress:

Normal day stress is unlikely to be the sole cause of losing your mane, but undue stress like bereavement, loss of job, depression etc. can cause hair fall.

7. Idiopathic:

Your hair fall is labelled as Idiopathic, when no reason can be found for your hair loss. Such cases are more common in females at the age of 30-60 years, who notice sudden shedding and thinning of hair leading to diffuse thinning of hair all over the scalp along with bi-temporal recession.

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