6 Must but Easily Overlooked Safety Tips for Firework- Dermatocare

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Do you know that a study done reports that the hospital received approximately one patient with firecracker-related injury per 100,000 population in Delhi? 73.02% of the victims were 5–30 years old. Majority (90.87%) of them sustained <5% total body surface area burn. This Diwali lets us riase awareness about Green Diwali and exercise the safety measures more seriously.


We all are aware of the fact that fire crackers are dangerous and parental supervision is needed. However, parent might take easy on these 6 Must but Easily Overlooked Safety Tips for Fireworks:

  • Choosing the place for firecrackers: Open ground away from the residential area or a terrace is best for fireworks, especially if you are planning to use skyrockets or Ariel fireworks.
  • Preparing the area of fireworks: Ideally all the fire works should be stored in box away from the source of fire. Take a note of nearest source of water or else keep a bucket of water near by.
  • Don’t leave your kids unsupervised: Small kids are more excited and curious when it comes to fire cracker, while the grown ups might risk their safety boasting their skills on handling firecrackers.
  • Give proper instructions with demonstration: Proper instruction and showing them on how to light a fire cracker is very important:
    • Ensure that the firecrackers is placed stably on the ground.
    • Ensure that the wick of firecracker is kept in direction opposite to the face and body.
    • Removing the paper coating form wick is recommended so that your kid gets enough time to run back before the firecrackers explode.
    • Keep your whole body away from the firecracker
    • Use stretched hand to light the firecracker.
    • Run immediately after lighting the wick.
  • Don’t create chaos: If you are planning to do the fireworks in large group, chances of mishappening increases, because kids might light firecrackers at multiple places that too simultaneously. There is chance of candles being mixed with fireworks. In such cases, a coordinator should ensure that there is minimum chaos and maximum fun.
  • Stay Alert: All said and done, one should stay alert of what is happening around you, sometimes a burnt rocket from sky can hit you or your piles of fireworkers.


We think the incidence of burns due to fireworks is much more than reported in the above hospital based study because only those with severe burns knock the door of hospitals, while minor to moderate burns are treated at home or at near by clinics. 

Please suugest more safety tips in the comment box below and share this article with your loved ones, so that India experiences happy and safe Diwali with zero mis-happenings this year. HAPPY DIWALI.

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