5 warning signs that indicate impending Baldness- Dermatocare’s hair care tips

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

“Doctor, I am losing my hair, is it seasonal or do I need treatment?” Hair fall increases with change in season, more so in monsoons, and most of the time patients get worried about normal hair fall that occurs every day. Did you know that up to a loss of 100 hairs per day is normal? But, it is very difficult to gauge when this limit of 100 hairs is crossed; I have described 5 warning signs that that indicate impending baldness in this article. So, read on!

1.  If you see your hair on beddings and floors besides while combing and shampooing.

It is normal to find hair on your comb and on your hand while shampooing. However, if you notice this number is increasing or you find hair almost every day on your pillow, beddings or floor; it might be a warning sign for impending baldness.

2.  If your hairs are getting thinner and smaller, especially near frontal hair line. 

You might notice that your hair are getting thinner and finner, especially near the frontal hair line. You can compare the thickness of your thinning hair with hair on the back of your scalp (occipital region) just above the neck, especially in males.

3.  If you can see bald scalp through your shrinking mane.

Well, if you can see your bald scalp through your hair, it is already late and you should seek dermatologist help immediately. 

4.  Receding of frontal hairline and baldness on vertex of scalp in case of males.

This is the first presentaion of male pattern baldness. 

5.  In females, you may notice widening of central parting and reduction in volume of ponytail.

In females, you might notice widennig of central parting. So, if you have a doubt just part your hair in the center and look for christmas tree pattern of central parting. Secondly, you might also notice the reduction in volume of your ponytail.