4 Anti-aging ingredients to look for in Anti- wrinkle creams-Dermatocare’s ingredients guide

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Today, cosmetic shelves are loaded with anti-aging creams of which users are confused which one is best or most cost-effective. We have highlighted 4 anti-aging ingredients that you should look for in an anti-aging cream:


1. Retinoids:

Its efficacy is supported by numerous studies and it is the best choice for oily skin without sensitivity. Retinoids work by increasing turnover of cells and reducing sticking of dead cells, thus regular use gives a smooth and radiant look to your skin. Retinoids also seep into deeper layers of the skin where they remodel collagen thus preventing wrinkle formation. Retinoids are available in many OTC products, but Dermatologist supervision is recommended because incorrect use can cause redness, rashes and irritation.

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2. Peptides:

Peptide based anti-ageing creams are recommended for dry skin types and even for oily skin with sensitivity.  Copper peptides work by increasing collagen formation and hence reduce wrinkle formation.

3. Alpha- hydroxyl acid:

Glycolic, mandelic, lactic acid etc. help in exfoliating dead skin cells, increase dermal hydration and collagen synthesis. These agents are used at high concentrations for chemical peels done at Dermatologist clinics. A monthly chemical peel not only keeps your skin young and smooth but also helps in clearance of pimples and dark spots.  

4. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents:

UV rays, smoking, pollution, stress, lack of nutrition etc. leads to formation of free radicals that damage your skin. Anti-oxidants work by scavenging these free radicals and help in repair of damaged skin. Here is list of common anti-oxidants to look for in your anti-ageing product:



Alpha-lipoic acid

Basil (Tulsi)

Caffeine/coffee berry

Carrot extracts

Centella asiatica

Coenzyme Q 10



Ferulic acid





Green tea/ white tea

Growth factors






Pine bark extract



Red clover

Vitamin C & E

Grape seed extract

Besides these, there are many novel anti-aging molecules that are used in high-end anti-aging products.

So, next time when you shop for an anti-aging cream, do not forget to scan the label for these 4 categories of anti-aging ingredients, and remember retinoids are only for non-sensitive oily skin while peptides are a game for every skin type, even sensitive ones.

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