Head to toe winter skincare: Dermatologist Guide

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 02/12/16

Do you get dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, dry hands and cracked heels in winters? If yes! Read this dermatologist guide on how to take care of your dry, itchy skin from head to toe in the cold and dry winters, or otherwise.

Winters are around the corner, so are the various vows of dry skin. As the weather takes a turn, so does your skin. Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin of its natural moisturising factors. This might bring a sigh of relief in those with oily skin but indeed is a lot more challenging for dry or combination skin types. Winter skin care rotates around preserving the natural moisturising factor of skin and supplementing the right kind of moisturiser from outside. Based on these...