Hangnail- prevent and treat them in 7 simple steps (Dermatocare’s nails guide)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Hangnails are the piece of thick skin (and not nails) that strips off form the roots of fingernails. Hangnail is a very common problem; patients often come to us when they have a super-added infection on the hangnail. To keep them away, you need to avoid the causative factors that favour their development like dry skin, harsh chemicals/irritants, biting of nails. Here is the step-to-step guide to prevent and treat hangnails:


Step 1: Protect your nails from harsh chemicals

Common offenders are indeed the part of your nail care regimes like nail remover, UV rays lamps, driers, etc. Besides this, make a habit of wearing gloves while doing a household job or occupational work that involves exposure to water, detergent or chemicals; this will save not only your nails but also your hands.

Step 2: Avoid biting your nail

Had it been so easy, you could have already quit it! Try putting nail paint on your...


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