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How To Use Corn Cap And Get Rid Of Corn: Know From Dermatologist (Dermatocare)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Is your foot corn painful? Did you try corn caps many times already? Corns, especially foot corns are notoriously recurrent, no matter how many times you put corn caps. Do you know why? Because you might not be using corn cap or paints in the right way. Secondly, you should find and remove the underlying cause behind your corn or callus. I would recommend you to follow the tips given in this article to get rid of your corn.

1. Use corn cap in right way

Corn cap work by removing the hard and dead skin of corn or callus with the help of salicylic acid. However, it is important to use the corn cap in the right way as given below:

  • SOFTEN: Before putting corn cap, soften the skin of corn or callus by dipping your feet in warm water for 15 minutes.
  • SCRUB: Rub the corn with pumice stone gently.
  • DRY: Completely dry your corn.
  • PUT CORN CAP: Finally, put corn cap exactly over the corn and secure it if needed with micropore, so that it does not come out until next 24 hours.
  • REMOVE THE SOFTENED SKIN: Take out the soft skin gently without much pressure. Use nail cutter to remove the hanging piece of skin if needed, but do not peel off by putting undue pressure.
  • REPEAT DAILY:  Repeat until you cannot feel the thick skin. Discontinue if your corn skin gets raw and painful.

TIP: As a dermatologist, I prefer corn paints instead of corn cap because they can be applied exactly over the corn without spillage.


2. Use corn paints

Corn paints are collodion mixture of salicylic acid and lactic acid available by prescription or otherwise.  Dr. Scholl's Corn/Callus Remover Liquid is one such product that can help in removing your corn. Read this article, to know how to use the corn paints in the right way! In addition to using corn cap and paint, follow the preventive steps listed below to prevent recurrence of your corn.


3.Change or repair your shoe

Corns are due to constant friction on a small area of feet due to either faulty foot mechanism or ill-fitted shoes. Ensure that you wear a right sized shoe. If needed, please go to the shoe store to verify the size on a scale. Both loose fitting and tight shoes can cause corns because your feet keeps on moving against loosely-fitted shoes while it gets compressed at certain points in the tight shoes. Similarly, any nail, stitch, buckle or for that matter any pointed area in shoe might be the cause of your corn.


4: Look and feel your feet for any abnormality

Look and feel your feet for the deformities like out-turned, in-turned, curled or deformed toes. Many times an overgrowth of bone is present beneath your corn. If needed, compare it with someone around you. Seek consultation with a doctor, if you notice anything unusual.


5:  Pad the corn

Pad the corn with cotton before wearing closed shoes, so that the skin does not get compressed between the bony abnormality and your shoe.


6: Soften the corn

Dip your feet in warm water for 15 minutes to soften the corn followed by gentle rubbing of the corn with a pumice stone every night. 


7: Consult your doctor

You should consult a general physician, chiropodist or dermatologist if your corn is painful, recurrent and not responding to corn paint. They might order an X-ray of your feet to rule out underlying bony abnormality and refer to an orthopaedics if needed. Pairing is the treatment done to provide instant relief from pain associated with foot corns. Though it involves scraping the dead skin of the corn with the help of blade, pairing is a painless and bleeding does not occur because the corns are made of dead skin cells devoid of blood vessels.

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