Dry patches on skin of face- Pityriasis alba (Dermatocare's skin diseases guide)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/11/15
Have you lately noticed round dry patches on the face of your child? No! They are not, because of vitamin or calcium deficiencies, neither they indicate worm infestations. So, what are they and how do you manage them? These are most commonly caused by low-grade eczema termed as Pityriasis Alba. This article will help you understand the reason for getting dry patches on the face and also guide you on how to manage them.

“Doctor, My daughter, is getting dry patches on the skin of her face, I am afraid... does she have leukoderma?”


What is Pityriasis Alba?

Pityriasis Alba is characterised by the development of a few to many small patches of dry and pale skin on the face of your child. Rarely, such patches might appear on the neck, arms and shoulders. Initially, the patches are slightly red and then they turn pale with scaling. These patches appear more prominent in summers because of tanning of the...