Dermatologist Guide to Wrinkles Free Skin- Part 2(Dermatocare's beauty tips)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/11/15
This article highlights the aesthetic procedure used to reduce wrinkles, with special emphasis on common concerns like forehead lines, crows feet etc. Do not forget to check out easy-to-follow detailed list of articles on wrinkles written by our dermatologist at the end of this article. 

KINDLY NOTE: This article is a continuation of Researched Dermatologist Guide to Wrinkles Free Skin- Part 1 that deals with causes, lifestyle tips, diet tips and the role of anti-wrinkle creams.


How a dermatologist can help in reducing my wrinkles?

Dermatologist can help you by prescribing the following:

  • Anti-aging cosmoceuticals- Unlike anti-wrinkle creams, cosmoceuticals are more potent and effective in stopping the wrinkles, but might be little heavy on pockets. But I...