Brittle, peeling or splitting nails-Dermatologist guide to healthy nails

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/11/15
"Do you have brittle, peeling or splitting nails? Do you have difficulty in growing them long? Do you feel they are getting softer and weaker?" Onychoschizia is the term used by dermatologist for the nails that are brittle i.e. they might get soft, dry, weak and split or peel off easily. Brittle nails are common in women and can affect both, the fingers and toe nails.

They might be an indicator of nutritional deficiency, underlying medical disorder or wrong nail care. In this article, we would help you understand the reason for getting brittle nails and what you can do at your end to address them.


What is the reason for getting brittle nails?

There can be multiple reasons for easily chipping off of your nails, like:

  • Physical or chemical trauma: Do you use your nails as a tool often? Or do you get frequent pedicures and manicures?
  • a)...