Baby eczema- address these 6 triggers to reduce flare-ups and have itch free days.

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/11/15
“Doctor, my son keeps on scratching his skin, he has a rash on his elbows and on the back of the knees, his neck remains dirty no matter how much I scrub and his skin gets real dry in winters. What should I do?”

Atopic dermatitis leads to a lot of discomfort in your child, and you helplessly resort to applying steroids again and again. But don't you think these steroids might do more harm than benefit? As per my experience as a dermatologist, none of the treatments can prevent another episode; but extra efforts to address these six triggers will help in reducing flare-ups, and your child might have itch free days and restful nights. Before you read about six triggers behind flare-ups of baby eczema, I...