20 parenting styles that encourage love and bonding with kids

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 23/09/16
As parents, we are giving the best to our kids, but somehow sooner or later every parent realise that their children are no more cute, no more good, no more sharing, no more cheerful. Let us look at 20 parenting styles recommended by Pdt. Yung Tik Yuk that encourages love and bonding with kids:

Kindly note: This article was originally presented as a parenting seminar at SPH School, Lipo Cikarang. I am grateful to Pdt. Yung Tik Yuk, the presenter of the seminar for allowing me to share his thoughts on this blog. The “I” used in this blog represents the excellent examples given by Pdt. Yung Tik Yuk.

1. Listen:

Listen to your child with 100% attention, even if he/she does not make any sense. Do not interrupt, just like you would not like to be interrupted by others. When kids...